Zeta June self titled album review

Zeta June - Iowa City Jam Rock - Photo From Zeta June's Facebook Page

Zeta June – Iowa City Jam Rock – Photo From Zeta June’s Facebook Page

After winning the annual Iowa City Yacht Club battle of the bands in September of 2012, Zeta June used their hard earned studio time to hammer out ten original tracks with long time Iowa City expert engineer John Svec (Earthtone studio).  Resulting in a multi-hued, scintillating body of work that deftly navigates through numerous tone, tempo and rhythmic changes. 

The group consists of four talented and musically diverse individuals; Porter Hand (vocals, guitar, keys, mandolin), Mitch Hruby (bass, vocals, thunder tube), Ian Crawford (guitar, vocals) and Cody Kuhens (drums, auxiliary percussion).

As a self-proclaimed jam band, Zeta June, seemingly, has no apparent desire to stick to any pre-conceived commonalities of the genre. Highly original songs cover a wide musical spectrum and they display this eclectic sensibility by incorporating elements of funk, reggae, jazz, riff-heavy rock, tonally interesting guitar melodies, heavy walls of slow-moving psychedelic noise and, dare I say, even a splash of traditional folk.  Abrupt feel changes at dynamically high points are a signature of Zeta June, adding a progressive element to this amalgamation of genre-bending creativity.  Extended instrumental sections throughout show polished musicianship and an ability to defy conventional song structures. Unique ideas and instrumentation are deftly woven in each tune and no two tracks sound the same.  Overall this album is a piece that covers a lot of ground and hits on many different levels. 

Considering that this is their first album, I have no doubt that Zeta June will continue to push boundaries and defy convention.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Album Review by Eric Dirks on behalf of Iowa City Music Scene


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