Homecoming Weekend Brings Euforquestra Back


They’ve been one of Iowa City’s most successful bands.  They’ve mentored others, they throw the party of the year,  and they seem to be genuinely nice guys.   Ex-pats and current Colorado residents Euforquestra return to Gabe’s Friday night, part of a midwest tour.   The Chicago Farmer and Muscatine’s CHEEFS open.


Guitar slinger/facemelter Mike Tallman catches us up.


Everybody OK out in Colorado?  When it floods there, it’s pretty

Yes, fortunately we are all ok. We have friends that were affected by
the flooding but we were all lucky. It’s pretty amazing that the
forces of nature can cause such horrific disasters in one place while
we were all safe and sound just a few miles away.

What can you tell us about the new record?  
We haven’t confirmed a title or release date yet, but I can say that
this will be our best record yet. Working with Kyle  (Hollingsworth of String Cheese Incident) has been a very inspiring process for us. He’s helped with everything from arranging songs and editing lyrics to helping dial in guitar tones and picking
the right keyboard for the part. We’ve never worked with a producer
before and we are all really happy with the results so far.

Last time you came back to Iowa (July for 80/35, Camp Euforia and more), you had an injured drummer, yet turned in great sets.  How’d you pull that off?

Our drummer, Craig Babineau, dislocated his shoulder on June 1 this
year. Over the course of June, July and part of August we had to play
shows with five different sub drummers. It was stressful because we
wanted to spend the Summer preparing to make our album, but instead we
were forced to spend most of the Summer teaching our existing material
to all these different drummers. Luckily for us, we have a lot of
friends that are fantastic drummers. We need to give huge thanks to
Alex Johnson, Adam Morford, Ben Franklin, Josten Foley and Matt
Grundstad for helping us out this Summer!


Your Camp Euforia sets have always been amazing, but you may have
raised the bar this year.  Josten broke a drum!  How much rehearsal
time do you put in for these?

We usually plan our sets for CE month in advance, then, the week of
CE, we spend the entire week rehearsing in Iowa City. This year we
were thrown for a loop because the injured drummer situation, but
everything worked out great. We always try to come up with new
material, both original and covers, for CE and we also try to dust off
some older material and maybe put a new spin on some of that stuff. We
also try to feature special guests when we can.

Any other answers you feel like writing questions to?

We are excited to be back at Gabe’s this weekend. Iowa City still feels
like home when we are there and the band is fired up to play for our
friends and family. We’ve got a lot of new music to play and we even
hired some additional lighting to come in and add some energy to the
room. We will see you in the 319 in just a few days!!!

–John Hiett

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