Das Thunderfoot’s Pudding Popper Album Review


Das Thunderfoot’s soon-to-be-released debut, Pudding Popper consists of 13 high energy tracks, full of creative (and often comical) lyrical content, dynamic shifts, layers of heavy rock riffs phasing in and out of rhythmically tight, percussive bass lines and drum beats.  Overall I found Pudding Popper to be highly entertaining with tons of replay value.

Many live performances and albums, delivered by perfectly talented groups, bring an appreciation for the music in the finite moments of listening but will often leave me with no discernible or tangible recollection of the individual songs I’ve just experienced. Das Thunderfoot is definitely not one of those groups. After my first run through of Pudding Popper, I found myself replaying catchy chorus’s in my head, singing words like “poopflake,” along to the music and thoughtlessly cracking one more beer over the advisable line for being clear and present at work the next morning. “Skull and Bones,” (Track 6) is a great example of a song that’s an instant classic, musically conjuring images of an ancient galley, swaying drunkenly, with timbers creaking as the ship heaves on massive ocean swells and the pirate-oriented lyrics leave no question about the nature of this modern sea chantey.

A reoccurring song crafting formula seems to come to life throughout the album without detracting from each song’s individual nature.  AJ Wessling will often start with a dexterous bass lines, reminiscent of Primus.  Nate Soukup will add layers of subtle guitar until he erupts with chord-heavy riffs and cleverly delivered lyrics that display an impressive vocal range.  Alfred Mannix lays down perfect rhythms over every track, never missing and giving each song exactly the beat it needs. Throughout the duration of Pudding Popper, it becomes quite clear that these guys have some long-developed musical synergy, which only adds to the overall enjoyment of the album.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Pudding Popper at Das Thunderfoot’s album release party Saturday, November 23rd 2013 at the Iowa City Yacht Club and you can be in front of the stage singing along by the next show.

Album Review by Eric Dirks on behalf of Iowa City Music Scene

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