An Interview w/ AJ of Das Thunderfoot

Das Thunderfoot Debut album: Pudding Popper – 13 songs ahellofalotta Rock.

Das Thunderfoot in Studio

Das Thunderfoot in Studio

Release Date:
November 23rd

Who is in Das Thunderfoot?
Alfred Mannix, Nate Soukup, and Me (AJ Wessling).  Not Wesley.  There was a family of Wesleys back in my hometown and people always got me confused.  Damnit I’m not a Wesley.

When did you start recording the album?
– It has been recorded over the past year, we took a brief hiatus to drink in between mixing and recording because recording epicness takes a lot out of you.  Lots of whiskey and lots of water.

Where did you record the album?
Earthtone studios in Iowa City with John Svec.

Any interesting studio stories?
Well, had a few whiskeys, Alfred barely made it out alive, that’s all I can say.  After recording all the drum tracks in less than one take, he coached us through many a bottle.

Main influences when making the album?
Primus, Berserk (anime; The Black Swordsman), Bill Cosby, Jesus, Satan, Riley the Dog but not as much as Coop Dog, Judas Priest, Heart, That Specktor girl

What was the worst part about recording an album?
Coming up with the money to make it and watching Alfred catch Pokémon the whole time.  It’s tough being a Pokémon legend.

What is the best part about recording an album?
Recording original music with great friends.

What bass or basses did you use to record?
Fender Jazz and Fender P Bass, multiple bass amps don’t ask… don’t tell.

Did you or any other band members use any instruments they don’t normally use?
No, we were going for the raw live rock experience.  We didn’t want veer off from what the music actually is and how we play it.  Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Nate’s pretty voice is all we need baby.

What is your favorite song or songs from the album?
Tuesday, Track #10

Everything about it is perfect and I think it’s just a great song.  The lyrics are simple but it says, in a way, what Das Thunderfoot’s mission is.

And what is that mission?
To rock out, no matter what.

Interesting fact about the album?
The songs on the album were all practically complete w/in a few practices of becoming a band.  We new each other so well and had been in other groups together, Nate had some ideas and we all made it come together.

Where did the name Das Thunderfoot come from?
It was forced upon Nate from a power above us all.  From the heavens to hell it was stricken upon him.  It cannot be known that he broke the mighty timber with his foot.  The great oak has been destroyed.

Who is Alfred Edgar?
No one knows really but it was said that he was found in Pallet Town.

Who is your top 3 favorite bands of all time?
Damn rough question.  Probably going to say Primus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and either the Beatles or The Doors.

Who are 3 bands that people should know about?
Gogol Bordello, Ten Years After, Them Crooked Vultures… o yeah and Canned Heat too

Whiskey of Choice?
Evan Williams Black Label ‘cuz the price is right bitch.

Are there new songs in the works?
Several, will be recorded in the Summer or Fall sexy music takes time baby.

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