King Eddie

Debut Album Review

King Eddie is a band from Detroit that recently moved to Sioux City. For the last 2 years this band has gone through a fair number of line-up changes but they have finalized a line-up consisting of Justin J Maike (Leader/Guitarist), Aurora Adams (Vocals), Jacob Miller (Lead Guitar), Joe Myers (Drums), Velvet Adams (Bass). With this debut album King Eddie has proven that they can play a wide variety of  genres.

King Eddie grabs the attention of anyone listening with infectious grooves and transitions that are abrupt but welcome. “Notion of Love” is a perfect example of the infectious groove that cuts into a psychedelic solo while managing to subtly slipping back into the groove. The lyrics in this song are also on point, giving the listener something to contemplate. “You are a prisoner of planet earth
Bound to your birth”

Once King Eddie has your attention they don’t let go. From the distorted guitar for the song “Daddy” to the very pop sounding vocals on Annie Social, this band knows how to keep things interesting. This album is very diverse while also maintaining enough consistency throughout the album to sound like a complete thought.

King Eddie was released on August 14 2015. I have put links up to their Facebook page and their band camp page. Check them out and let us know what you think.


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