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King Eddie

Debut Album Review King Eddie is a band from Detroit that recently moved to Sioux City. For the last 2 years this band has gone through a fair number of line-up changes but they have finalized a line-up consisting of Justin J Maike (Leader/Guitarist), Aurora Adams (Vocals), Jacob Miller (Lead Guitar), Joe Myers (Drums), Velvet Adams (Bass). With this debut album […]

Peaks and Valleys–The Sapwoods

Cover art by Dan Peterson. Peaks and Valleys, the new record by the Sapwoods is likely one of the best new records you’ll hear this year.  Anchored by singer-songwriter Justin Swafford and guitarist David Suchan, the Sapwoods went through a bit of turnover after 2012’s Electric Glow, before the lineup stabilized with Miranda Peyton on keys, […]

Change — Crystal City

Crystal City‘s transition’s complete.  Former acoustic duo Dave Helmer and Sam Drella have added a band and released Change, their second record, following an eponymous EP.  Brock Muench adds bass and Blake Oleson (since replaced by Dan Peterson) drums.  Dave, a gifted writer, also sings and plays guitar.  The lovely and talented Sam sings (she could […]

We the People: The Muckrockers on the State of the Union

Given the recombinant nature of Iowa City bands and the general talent level, it’s probably nuts to label any new band a super-group.  However . . . Scott Cochran has been writing great songs for a long time now, polishing his craft with two excellent bands, Slew Grass and Flannel.  He’s given a lot of […]

Das Thunderfoot’s Pudding Popper Album Review

  Das Thunderfoot’s soon-to-be-released debut, Pudding Popper consists of 13 high energy tracks, full of creative (and often comical) lyrical content, dynamic shifts, layers of heavy rock riffs phasing in and out of rhythmically tight, percussive bass lines and drum beats.  Overall I found Pudding Popper to be highly entertaining with tons of replay value. […]

Zeta June self titled album review

After winning the annual Iowa City Yacht Club battle of the bands in September of 2012, Zeta June used their hard earned studio time to hammer out ten original tracks with long time Iowa City expert engineer John Svec (Earthtone studio).  Resulting in a multi-hued, scintillating body of work that deftly navigates through numerous tone, […]